it is difficult to focus on income work when outcome work is becoming increasingly relevant to it.

the outcome work in question is project management software, built on top of converge (the data synchronization layer i’ve been working on). i want to be able to be easily track a changing description of the specification alongside the actual state of the project, with tasks being derived from the discrepency between the two.

there are three major differences between when i’m seeking and what appears to exist:

  1. a directed graph structure, where tools provide no structure (e.g. cards, issues) or at most a linearized tree structure (a specification document).
  2. focus on the specification and the implementation, where tools mostly focus on the todo list (especially card/issue based ones)
  3. history, where tools mostly only provide a current view (though often more at a more fine-grained level)

there are, of course, minor things that converge provides, like concurrent offline modification and security.