the name

i have always found names sort of arbitrary. they are unquestionably useful, but whatever history and meaning they have, they lack any intrinsic connection to their referents.

my given name is tristan and ~2014 i started using imuli online a lot. eventually i merged them:

trystimuli: trystim uli, tryst imuli, try stimuli.

it still feels pretty arbitrary, but at least i find it amusing.

you can usually find me out on the internet as imuli or trystimuli. in particular, most of my code is available on github under imuli or gitlab under trystimuli.

i endorse using signal for anything moderately private. unfortunately there’s no way to link with my public key, but you’ll reach probably me at +1 207 370 9073.

mastodon is a federated microblogging network. while not the fully decentralized ideal of my dreams, i’m there on a generic icelandic node @trystimuli@loðfí

and of course there’s plain old email at [email protected].